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Navajo Sandpainting, Navajo Pottery, Navajo Rugs, Fine Art Paintings, Native American Baskets, Native American Folkart, Kachina Dolls and more.

Authentic Navajo Rugs and Weavings that we have for sale are all handmade using a traditional upright loom. Four generations of buying Navajo rugs at our location on the Navajo Indian Reservation have made us one of the largest distributors of Navajo rugs and weaving both wholesale and retail in the nation.

Navajo Indian Sand Paintings are used by the medicine men in healing ceremonies.  The patterns are created by sand being dropped by hand. The sand paintings, also called Navajo Sand Art, we sell are made by hand in the same way on a board and matted and framed at our shop here on the Navajo reservation. We have many sizes and price ranges to choose from. A photo of the artist is included with every sand painting we sell.

Traditional Navajo Indian Pottery like most Native American pottery, is hand coiled. It is then shaped and smoothed before being fired in a fire pit. The open fire leaves the blackened "clouds" on the pot. Because the open fire will not fire the pot enough to make it water proof, a coat of pine pitch is applied over the pot to waterproof it.

Navajo Folk Art are carved figures of people or  animals that are often whimsical or comical in the eyes of the Native American artist.

Native American and Navajo Fine Art consists of paintings using different types of media such as oil, acrylic or pencil. We have a wide selection of different media types in many different sizes and price ranges. The artists are all Native American but mostly Navajo Indian.

Native American and Navajo Indian Baskets are all authentic and hand made by native from the local four corners area of the United States we call home.

Native American Hopi and Navajo Kachina Dolls are carved in wood usually Cottonwood or Aspen. In Hopi Kachina dolls, the arms and all decorative attachments are carved into the wooden figure out of one piece of wood. Navajo carved dolls will use cloth, feathers, and other nonwood objects to decorate the doll.

Native American Indian Drums are created from the base of an aspen or cottonwood tree. After being cut to length, it is hollowed out.  The openings are covered with wet rawhide. Drying will shrink the hide tight. We have, for sale, many large and small drums to choose from.